Thursday, November 2

Early Registration

Platinum Luncheon
aboard the luxury steamboat American Queen, docked at Natchez-Under-the-Hill (seating limited)

Thursday Tour: "Joyful Sounds in Sacred Halls"
the historic and architecturally significant churches and temples of Natchez, featuring the mighty sounds of their organs and voices

Welcome Supper at Longwood


Friday, November 3


"From These Honored Walls"
Daniel Brooks, Director (Retired)
Arlington Historic House
Birmingham, Alabama

"Picturing Mississippi: an Art Exhibition for the Bicentennial"
Jochen Wierich, Ph.D.,  Chief Curator
Mississippi Museum of Art

Jackson, Mississippi

Luncheon at Stanton Hall

"Thomas Cole's 'Voyage of Life' Had a Life of Its Own"
Paul Schweizer, Director Emeritus
Munson - Williams - Proctor Arts Institute's Museum of Art

Ithaca, NY

"William Nichols: An Architect of the Antebellum South"
Paul Hardin Kapp, Associate Professor of Architecture
University of Illinois
Urbana - Champaign

Gala Supper: "The Natchez Table"
dine in one of four of the grand private antebellum houses of Natchez, with New Southern Cuisine prepared by one of  the great chefs of Natchez


Saturday, November 4

"Gardening in Antebellum Mississippi:  Emma Balfour of Vicksburg"
John Sykes, Executive Director
Magnolia Mound Plantation

Baton Rouge, LA

"From Trash to Treasure:  The Recreation and Reproduction of Historic Wallpaper"
Laura McCoy, Wallpaper Archaeologist and Artist

Laura McCoy Designs Inc.

"The Relevance of Antiques in the IKEA Era"
A Collectors' Panel Discussion

A Farewell Entertainment: "Longwood Afternoon"