Natchez Antiques Forum
Natchez, Mississippi

November 3 - 5, 2016


The future of Natchez was set long before the French established Fort Rosalie in 1716.  Thousands of years before, local earth was molded to form the commanding site destined to inspire future generations.  Today, Natchezians take great pride in the history and material culture of their beloved city and homeland.  The members of the Pilgrimage Garden Club cordially invite you to commemorate the Tricentennial of Natchez by attending the Thirty-ninth Annual Antiques Forum.  The event celebrates three hundred years with new scholarship which carries the fame of Natchez to new horizons.  Young professionals in the decorative arts join historians, preservationists, and antique enthusiasts for this exceptional program.  Come and hear this new research, visit rarely seen historic properties, and enjoy Natchez's renowned  hospitality.
                                                     Daniel Brooks, Director (Retired)
                                                     Arlington Historic House
                                                     Birmingham, Alabama


During the antebellum period, Natchez, Mississippi, was home to more millionaires per capita than any other city in the United States. The homes they built for their families contained some of the finest, most opulent furnishings and artwork in the nation. Each year the Forum takes on a new topic from a distinctly Southern point of view. Past themes  have ranged from “The Culture of the Deep South from Revolution to Secession” (1975) to “Grecian Fever in American Decorative Arts” (1987) and “At Home and Abroad: Natchezians on the Grand Tour” (2015).  

The 2016 Antiques Forum will explore subjects related to Natchez's 300 year history, from Native American arts and artifacts to northeastern furniture makers and their Natchez trade, to the future of the decorative arts.  Forum participants will have numerous opportunities to meet with noted experts during the conference at social events and tours, including a cocktail reception at Longwood. 

The Natchez Antiques Forum is sponsored by the Pilgrimage Historical Association with the assistance of the Pilgrimage Garden Club. Registration proceeds support the preservation of National Historic Landmarks Longwood and Stanton Hall as well as additional preservation projects in the larger Natchez community.

Natchez is  the bed-and-breakfast capital of the South and offers a wide variety of accommodations from antebellum and Victorian homes and charming cottages to downtown hotels and motels with magnificent river views.